Archaia (arr-KAY-a) is a planet in the Archaic System with a pre-industrial civilization living on its surface

Archaia was discovered shortly before the Sith Conflict (SOTS2). Soon after its discovery, Darth Sion attacked the planet, probably to keep Mordred Sinar and Victoria Estera from finding the Star Map on the surface.

In the space battle, Mordred's flagship, the Remembrance II, was destroyed, forcing himself and Victoria to abandon the ship and eventually crash-land on the surface.

The planet is one large supercontinent, with several pre-industrial civilizations scattered on each corner and in the middle.

The central/northern kingdom is Karamis. Karamites are regal and statuesque, and are well known for their excellend swordsmanship.

The eastern kingdom, Haramea, is constantly at war with Karamis. Although it is unclear what started the initial conflict, at one time, Karamite forces killed the Haramean king, which no doubt prolonged the struggle.

The southern kindom, Shermyang, is known for its martial arts, and samurai warriors.

The western kindom, Rotha, is the home of the mages. Mages are spellcasters, mostly female, who are known for their deadly attack magic.

Mordred Sinar and Victoria Estera stumbled upon Karamis, where they learned of the Star Map. They found the map, only to return to Karamis under attack from Haramea. Mordred and Victoria resolved the battle, and left Archaia to find the rest of the Star Maps.


- Archaia's name is derived from the english word, Archaic, which means "old". This is a reference to the fantasy setting of the planet.