The Republic of Big Red One (B.R.O.) was the ruling body placed over the Star Wars galaxy. Big Red One was
USArmy First Inf Patch

The B.R.O. military patch

ruled by Brackus Marx, but B.R.O. as a nation is now dispanded, leaving Dino Wild Force in control of the galaxy.

B.R.O. does still function as an elite mercenary division, and it still maintains ties to the United Nations.


Government: Republic/Democracy

Main Religion: Catholic

Allies: Dino Wild Force

Capital: St. Xavier

Capital City: Xavier City

Population: 400 quintillion

National Animal:

National Flower:

National Color: blue


Main Theme: Droid Invasion by John Williams


-The Big red One is named after (you guessed it) the famous division of the U.S. military.