There are three classes/divisions: Jedi Order, Imperial Army, and Dragon Rider.

Jedi Order:

Jedi - uses the light side of the Force

Imperial Knight - is considered “gray”, restricted to only one silver bladed lightsaber

Sith - uses the dark side of the Force, always an enemy of the empire

Imperial Army:

Soldier: - standard foot soldier

Marine: - heavy soldier

Dragon Rider - rides dragons into battle

Jedi/Imperial Knight ranks: Apprentice, Padawan, Knight, Master, and Grand Master

Sith Ranks: Sith Acolyte, Sith Apprentice, Sith Warrior, Sith Master, and Sith Lord

Army Ranks: Soldier, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, General


A member becomes promoted after gaining a certain number of EXP. The numbers are shown below. A member’s EXP resets to zero after each promotion.


P: 1,500 K: 2,000 M: 2,500 GM: 3,000


Se: 1,000 L: 1,500 Ca: 2,000 Co: 2,500 G: 3,000

Dragon Rider:

AR: 1,000 DR: 2,000 MR: 3,000

A member may choose to increase an attribute by 1 five times, 10 for dragon riders. You can only increase an attribute a total of 2 times each promotion, and there is a maximum of 9 for each attribute.

When a member reaches the highest rank, he or she may no longer gain EXP or increase their attributes.

Starting Attributes:

Jedi/Sith: A: 2 P: 3 K: 4 M: 5 GM: 6

Army: S: 1 Se: 2 L: 3 Ca: 4 Co: 5 G: 6

Dragon Rider: Ar: 2 Dr: 4 Mr: 6