Many citizens of the Empire reported a rise in a new type of disease. This disease was caused by Daemon, a being from another dimension who came to our universe with the intent of taking over the four galaxies. A power struggle for control of the universe soon followed.

Daemon’s forces were made up of beings that were infected with a neurological disease which destroyed the victim’s independent thought, making them slaves. No one is sure how someone was infected, because no one saw the process other than the victim, and the victim, once cured, couldn’t remember what had happened. The disease was also hard to detect, because the only external symptom was causing the veins near the forehead to grow.

Six months into the conflict, Daemon’s forces had grown extremely large, and no one yet knew how to cure the mysterious disease. Emperor Mordred Sinar developed the cure and began to administer it to captured enemies.

D.W.F., B.R.O., and S.H. forces amassed and attacked Daemon’s stronghold in the immaterial world. After bitter fighting, Mordred, Brackus Marx, and Hordin Hunnar reached Daemon’s stronghold. Even with their combined strength, they were no match for Daemon’s super human powers. When all of the attempts to defeat Daemon had been beaten, one last option was presented.

Sonic the Hedgehog had brought the 7 Chaos Emeralds with him, but he couldn’t use them because he was too badly injured. He suggested that if used correctly, the Chaos Emeralds would be able to be used by a Human, though it had never been tried before. If the right steps weren’t taken, the human could die because of a power overload. Mordred took the risk, and successfully used Chaos Control to make himself invincible. Even though it worked, Mordred had made a slight mistake and couldn’t use his power completely. Richard instead managed to weaken Daemon’s power so she could be defeated.

Before anyone could close in for the final blow, Daemon planted a thought bomb in the middle of the fortress. A thought bomb was a mass of dark energy that consumed all life within the blast radius. To detonate the bomb, Daemon gave her own life. The only way to stop a thought bomb was with extreme power and concentration. Mordred, Hordin, and Brackus used all of their strength, and stopped the bomb just before it detonated.

Following the battle, all of the diseased were given the antidote, and the disease was wiped from the universe.

Mordred and Starfire were married after the war was over, and Starfire was crowned Empress.