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Dark Meadow's freak weather

Dark Meadow is the only planet in the Shadow Galaxy recorded in the Imperial Archives.

Dark Meadow is a planet with little natral light, dark, ashen surfaces, and freak weather. The origin of the planet is unknown. Dark Meadow was originally a space pirate stronghold, but in the final battle of the Galactic Civil War, all traces of native life were obliterated.

The planet's sun is a red dwarf. Becuase of the thick clouds and already trace anounts of light given off by the sun, no daylight truly exists. During Dark Meadow's night, the darkness is unbearable, even to those used to little or no light.

Freak storms and volcanic activity are common on Dark Meadow's surface. Strong electrical storms render repulsorlift vehicles inoperable, and volcanic eruptions and earthquakes make life near impossible.