Imperial Navy Symbol

The D.W.F. military standard.

The Empire of Dino Wild Force, or D.W.F. for short, is the infinite empire that rules all of known space

The name is derived from the mercenary group of the same name. The name was carried over when Mordred Sinar was chosen to lead the empire.


The Empire is led by the Emperor, who is the supreme leader. No one commands the Emperor except for the Supreme U.N. Commander (president). Individual planets are ruled by Imperial Governors, who usually were already the leaders of their own planet. Each planet has one or more Senators that comprise of the Galactic Senate. The Empire, though a Monarchy, gives individuals the right to elect their Governors and Senators, and all leaders must abide by the Imperial Law.

The Senate has the right to deem a ruler “unlawful” by a ¾ vote. This allows the Senate to have some control over the Emperor.

The Emperor, in turn, may remove any Senators or Governors that break the Law.

One last ruling body is the Jedi Council. As keepers of the peace, they hold the right to arrest any rulers that break the law.

In times of War, the Emperor may be granted “Emergency Powers”, under which, the Emperor becomes a full dictator until the Senate votes to remove these powers.

Dino Wild Force Flag

The Dino Wild Force flag.

The Empire, due to its militaristic nature, also has many Imperial Commanders leading its armies. Each Commander, depending on their class, only commands soldiers in their respective faction. The exception to this rule is all Jedi command all factions.


Government: Monarchy/Republic

Main Religion: Christianity – Protestant

Allies: The United Nations

Capital: Wyzzang

Capital City: Darastrix

Population: 500 quintillion

Imperial Animal: Red Dragon

Imperial Flower: Rose

Imperial Color: red

Landmarks: Vorel Darastrix, Imperial Gardens, Imperial Memorial

Main Theme: Knight of the Wind by Crush 40