Don Amerald0000

Don Amerald in 3011 AD.


Don Amerald was a human male Jedi who was given authority over all Padawan learners, and a close frind of Mordred Sinar.

Don was born on a small moon orbiting cybertron. His parents were human ambassadors to the Transformer species. When he was in his teens a Imperial ship landed for refueling. He had always wanted to be in the imperial army but couldn't because of age requirements. So he hid on the ship as a stowaway.

Sinar was on the ship and found where Don was hiding, so he put him to work. Sinar saw the he was a excellent worker, so he have him a place in the army.

After a time in the Imperial Army, Don displayed abilities unique to Force-sensitive beings. A midi-chlorian count was taken, and the result proved that Don was eligible for Jedi training.


Don is hard working and gets his tasks done. He loves to fight and exercise his strategy skills, but he can be kind when needed.


Unlike his Jedi peers, Don possesses great skill with artillery weapons, and uses them as often as his lightsaber. Don can manipulate the force like most Jedi.