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The United Nations was blessed with two years of prosperity, in which cities were rebuilt, and several worlds experienced rising economies.

To commemorate the defeat of the First Universal Empire, Emperor Mordred decided to create a commando squadron, Squadron Epsilon, to help combat any future threats. Many citizens of D.W.F. were against the new project, but the Emperor was determined.

The squadron was completed a few months later, and at a large celebration at the imperial palace, the new squadron was introduced to the public.

The citizens of D.W.F. were right to fear the new squadron, as they rebelled the day after the celebration. The leader, Marcus Qe-Kora, wasn’t content with being the leader of a squad of five others, but instead aspired to control the universe.

Squadron Epsilon attacked Kamino, stealing several weapon prototypes and an Acclamator cruiser. Squadron Delta intercepted the stolen Acclamator, and after a brief skirmish in the cruiser’s hangar, Squadron Epsilon escaped.

The squadron, having no army of its own, traveled to Mobius, where there was a rumor that Dr. Eggman’s Egg Fleet was hidden away, and in perfect condition. Marcus’s squad discovered the fleet, and used it to terrorize the galaxy. Hidden on board the Air Base, there rested an army of Shadow Clones, an army cloned from Shadow the Hedgehog. With both the Egg Fleet and Shadow Army, Marcus was equipped with enough firepower to challenge D.W.F.

After several months of fighting, the army of Shadow Clones was reduced to less than 100 soldiers, and the Egg fleet was reduced to less than 20 battleships.

D.W.F. troops tracked the squad to Yavin 4, where Marcus’s base was located. Emperor Mordred himself, along with other jedi, assaulted the planet.

When Marcus received word that the Empire was coming, he incited a riot in a nearby colony, causing many to rebel. Emperor Mordred, along with an old friend known only as Andrew, managed to turn about half of the colonists to return to D.W.F.

During a large battle, the Emperor made his way to a dimensional portal, the last one in the galaxy, where he discovered it led to Daemon’s chapel.

Just then, the rest of Squadron Epsilon arrived, and attacked. Emperor Mordred confronted Marcus, but Marcus was one step ahead. Marcus used a stolen summoning glyph to summon Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon, a dark replica of Blue-Eyes Ultimate dragon.

Marcus was inexperienced at summoning glyphs, and thus caused him and all of the other Epsilon members to combine with Red-Eyes, making it more powerful.

Unleashing his new swords, Dragon’s Might and Victorious One, Emperor Mordred single-handedly defeated the menace, destroying Squadron Epsilon.

Mordred had to leave Yavin 4, but he returned a few weeks later to quell the rebellion.