General Grievous (2)

Grievous in 3008 AD.


No records have been found on Grievous’ origins, although it is for sure he was born on Kalee. The Kaleesh were at war with the Huk, when Count Dooku offered Seperatist support. It is believed that Dooku arranged a shuttle crash that caused Grievous to be turned into a cyborg. Grievous originally served as General for the CIS, but was destroyed by Obi-wan Kenobi on Utapau.

Grievous’ body was found on Utapau a few years later by U.N. scouts. The droid parts were repaired and Grievous’ brain was implanted with a new memory core, which reprogrammed him to serve Dino Wild Force. Grievous does not technically live, but instead his implant gives him an artificial life, while retaining his old memories.


While he now serves the light, Grievous retained all of his negative qualities, such as anger, frustration, and the tendency to take it out on unfortunate droids. Despite this, he is disciplined, and takes good care of the soldiers under his command.


Being a Cyborg, Grievous can never manipulate the force, but he can handle a lightsaber with precision. Grievous’ Kaleesh Carnage requires the use of four arms to execute correctly. This move consist of Grievous Spinning his upper two limbs at high speed, while slowly advancing toward an opponent. The name was suggested by Obi-wan Kenobi.

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