Joseph Militis is a human male who was sent to infiltrate and destroy D.W.F. from the inside out. However his
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Joseph Militis

Sith masters did not know he actually planned to truly join D.W.F. against them. He was one of the top sith assassins, where he earned his code name "Wraith" by his ability to get in to eliminate his target and get out unseen. It is unknown when or why Joseph initially joined the Sith. He trained under them for an estimated 13 years. Throughout the years under his Sith masters he grew increasingly uncomfortable with the way his abilities were used. He saw his chance to escape when he was sent to infiltrate D.W.F.. He later became Victoria Estera's Padawan learner.

He later turned to the Dark Side alongside Victoria after the events on Cyres. His true motives were merely to have the power to protect his girlfriend, Layla.


Joseph is often quite and this leads some to believe he is emotionless, but, in reality, he is haunted by his past deeds. He is very loyal to those he cares about and would kill or die for them. At times he can be cruel or harsh, but most of the time he is an easygoing person - always glad to help where he can.

As a Sith, Joseph cared little about anyone besides Layla and Victoria. He treats others with a sly smile and wicked demeanor.


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Joseph as a Sith

Joseph was born with a rare Sith ability, Sith spellcasting. With this he is able to make his opponents lose their mind with a few words, or summon up tendrils of pure dark side energy. He knows many other spells but uses few of them.

He also knows the hidden ability Essence Transfer, he told nobody where he learned this ability or if he has ever used it. He is a master of Force Combustion, and an avid user of Force Lighting. In battle, he uses a form of Force Mediation to quicken and strengthen himself. He can use the force to make himself completely invisible to both force users and non force users. He is also an experimenter using to force to create new abilities. He wields a green dual-bladed lightsaber he built during his apprenticeship under Victoria. When asked about it, he goes silent. On the battlefield he shows no remorse or mercy; he cuts down entire battalions with his use of the Force alone. Though he has mastered several lightsaber forms he has expressed his dislike of physical combat.


Joseph's left hand was severed on his mission to free Kamino.

He is rumored to have had a brother in the Jedi order, and It is also rumored that it was Joseph who killed him.

It is rumored that he is able to change his appearance with the Force, but nobody has ever actually seen him do this.

He told nobody, but the dark lord who severed his hand on Kamino was actually his former master.