KOTGE logo.

Knights of the Galactic Empire (KOTGE) is a yet-to-come major story in the D.W.F. RPG. It will start Fall 2012.

The story starts with Mordred Sinar, Victoria Estera, and a small group of Jedi searching for an ancient artifact on the planet Cyres left by the Sith Lord Darth Revan. The team is ambushed by Sith warriors of the new Sith Empire. Revan himself is sustained for 4,000 years by the Force and is found alive. Revan initially thinks the Jedi are enemies, but he realizes the Sith are the true enemies.

The Jedi team faces many trials on Cyres, focusing mainly on their light side/dark side alignment. Some Jedi are tested beyond their limits, while others remain true. The story climaxes at the Battle of Ziost, where True Sith forces and Imperial forces battle over the surface of the ancient Sith world, Ziost.

The KOTGE story launches a five year war against the Sith Empire. All other stories after KOTGE will take place during the war.


The beginning of KOTGE is inspired by the Star Wars fan film Shadows of Corruption and the game Knights of the Old Republic.