Starfire had a sister, Blackfire, who was an intergalactic criminal. Blackfire grew jealous of her sister’s fiancée, and terrorized the Empire with a series of raids on outer systems. The Emperor learned of Blackfire’s threat, and used the military to track her down. With the entire military on her tail, Blackfire captured Tipoca City, Kamino, and cloned an army of soldiers identical to herself. Known as Whitefires, these new soldiers were capable of subduing several Clone troopers, and surviving multiple blows due to Tamaranian prototype weapons and armor.

D.W.F. and Blackfire’s forces soon met in a large battle on Earth. Starfire fought her sister fiercely, and after defeating her, Blackfire was sent off to prison. The remaining Whitefires were carbon frozen to be used for the Empire at a later time.

Several months later, Starfire was summoned to return to her home planet. Given little information, Richard, Anakin, Sonic, Knuckles, and Marth accompanied Starfire to Tamaran, where they were told that space pirates had taken control of the planet, and the only way for them to leave was for their leader to marry a Tamaranian princess. Starfire, being the only one, was forced to marry the space pirate leader.

After some investigation, Richard discovered that the space pirate invasion was a ploy conspired by Blackfire, who had escaped from prison. Blackfire had usurped the Tamaranian throne, and made a deal with the space pirate leader that if he were to marry Starfire, he would give Blackfire the Jewel of Charta, which gave the bearer unlimited power. After Richard had discovered this, he and his team infiltrated the Tamaranian palace in the middle of the wedding ceremony, and after a brief skirmish with the royal guards, Starfire challenged Blackfire for the throne.

Despite Blackfire’s new powers given to her by the jewel, Starfire proved stronger, claiming the Tamaranian throne. Starfire gave Richard the crown, giving him control of the Planet. Once again, Blackfire was put in prison, this time under heavy guard.