Active Story Missions:Edit

Completed Story Missions (oldest to newest):Edit

Defeat the Dark Brotherhoo

Prerequisites: The bearer of the second sword must be found.

Details: The Exchange has hired a sinister group known as the Dark Brotherhood to track down Victoria and kill her. The known members are: Darth Hydra, Darth DreadX, General Erahel, Schlevaka, and Darth Tubal-Cain.

Bring Maia Back to the Light (pivotal mission

Prerequisites: The Exchange must be destroyed.

Details: Richard has given Xanatos Zalaaca only a few weeks to convince Maia Crydain, formerly Darth Hydra, to return to the light. If he fails, Maia will be executed.

Tamaranian Invasion

Prerequisites: None

Details: Grand Ruler Ryand’r of Tamaran has declared war against the empire.

Blackfire Again

Prerequisites: None

Details: It turns out Blackfire is behind the unrest in Tamaran again.