Flag of the United Nations

The United Nations Flag.

The United Nations is the remodeled Galactic Republic. Because of multiple galaxies in existence, a new democracy was formed to compensate for the size of all civilization.

The United Nations began on Earth as an attempt to talk about problems instead of declaring war. When Steven Baron was elected president of the Galactic Republic, he redeclared the Republic as the United Nations.

The United Nations functions almost exactly the same as the Old Republic, in that representatives from each planet meet in a giant senate rotunda, and address their problems. Since no democracy is perfect, the United Nations authorized the use of military force as a last resort.

In addition, the United Nations appointed ruling bodies to control the galaxies in the known universe. The largest being Dino Wild Force, followed by Big Red One and Storm Hawks. The galaxy Defenders only controlled Mars in the Milky Way.

In time, both B.R.O. and S.H. resigned, leaving D.W.F. as the only ruling body. Rumors spread of the U.N.'s demise at the hands of D.W.F., but this was unlikely.


- The United Nations was originally going to be called the United Empires. It was ultimately changed to United Nations because "U.E." didn't sound as good.