Xanatos Zalaaca

Xanatos Zalaaca was a human male Imperial Knight. He was chosen to be the Imperial Knight Commander, having authority over the entire Knights of the Empire class.

History: When Xanatos was a young boy, his anger and uncontrollable emotions made him a prime target for the Sith. The Sith bribed him with riches and power in order to gain his alleigance. Later, though, the promised goods were only an illusion, and Xanatos contemplated leaving the Sith.

Xanatos' ruminations were soon discovered. He was soon constantly hunted by the Sith. He was afraid, and alone. Everywhere he went, he was frowned upon by his "allies".

After a time of being on the run, Xanatos found his brother, Scantoc. Scantoc had just joined the D.W.F. order, and had become an Apprentice. Scantoc persuaded his brother to join the Jedi Order.

Xanatos learned the ways of the Force from the D.W.F. Jedi Order. His training was difficult because of his emotions and strong will. The Council was deciding Xanatos' fate when the Emperor launched the Knights of the Empire program. Xanatos was almost immediately chosen to be the very first Imperial Knight. Later, after displaying abilities beyond other initiates, Xanatos was chosen to lead the Imperial Knights.